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Luminous advertising,

1? Field of use:

Luminous advertising, luminous buildings, safety indicators, luminous models, luminous clothing, car advertising.


2? Applicable foundation surface:

Plastic, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, cardboard, paper, cloth, film, wall, stone, etc.

Service conditions: AC110-220V, DC12-24V, DC9V, DC4.5V, DC3V, etc


3? Product delivery mode:

1) Longshow makes samples according to customer requirements.


2) Longshow sells basic raw materials and supporting technologies, which are designed and manufactured by users.


4? Main materials

The main material is water-based system, and hot air drying is recommended. Cold air drying needs longer time. Complete drying after each spray is essential. The diluent is provided free of charge.


Model and product name Net weight (kg)

Longshow-EL21 substrate conductive paint 1

Longshow-EL35 insulating paint 0.2

Longshow-EL45 luminous paint 0.2

Longshow-EL5 transparent conductive paint 100 ml

Longshow-EL61 transparent protective paint 1.0

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