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stress limiting material

The stress-limiting material is composed of inorganic luminescent microcrystalline powder. The stress-limiting material emits light mainly because of the electret effect of the microcrystalline luminescent material under the external action. Of course, the microcrystalline luminescent material can also generate instant visible light radiation when elastic deformation or plastic deformation (irrecoverable) occurs. When the colloid and the luminescent material are mixed, the moving colloid will rub against the surface of the luminescent crystal, As a result, the gradually accumulated charge concentration forms the excited electron transition state and generates visible light radiation.

It can be used for: elastic sensor, pressure sensor, friction sensor and electrostatic sensor.

Particle size: 28~30 m

Crystal structure: hexagonal phase, cubic phase, mixed crystal phase

Composition: alkaline earth sulfide (ZnS: Cu)

Color: blue-green

Auxiliary colloid: silicone rubber, fluororubber, commercially available waterproof silicone, etc

Minimum package 100g (D502CT)

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