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Plush toy personalized EL EL T-shirt of choice

What is the EL (EL)

    Electrical excitation (Electro Luminscent) referred to as the EL. Light-emitting materials (Phospher Partides) ZnS particles by adding the two
Most of the AC voltage generated by AC electric field driven, electronic high-speed operation in the light-emitting layer, the activation light atoms, it is sufficient to accelerate the
The amount of the electric field excited by electron collision center and light-emitting fluorescent material good at, and the resulting electron energy level jump - change - complex issue which led to
Injection efficiency of luminescence of a physical phenomenon, namely the phenomenon of electronic excitation, electronic excitation light is a phenomenon of the electrical energy into light energy, due to which the work
As the process does not produce heat, it is generally known as "cold." Luminescence is an energy conversion device, cold light source is generally
Operating voltage and frequency, operating voltage can be adjusted AC40V ~ AC220V, and the operating frequency of 50 Hz to 4000 Hz can increase the voltage
Will increase the luminescence intensity, the frequency can be increased if the increase in brightness, but will change the light color. The luminescence properties of not cast a shadow, does not make
Were dizziness, brightness uniformity and neon effects ... ... and so on; and meet environmental requirements, such as: a narrow space, the complex shape, temperature and
Limit power consumption, vibration and other environmental ... ... the case, EL is impossible to make up for the traditional light sources.

EL components Product Features:

1 drive voltage: AC, DC common use, frequency 50HZ-2000HZ. 5 can be bent, folded, cut, easy to install.
(2) uniform light-emitting surface. 6 cold, no heat, no UV damage.
3 thin: ? 0.5mm. 7 low power consumption, 6mW/cm2.
4 very light: 0.2g/cm2. 8 water and high temperature.

EL Advantages:

1 EL is an average whole new light-emitting surface.
Two pairs of visual will not cause glare, no harmful light.
3 short-wave light, optically active polymer, penetration, particularly at night or in fog appears bright, eye-catching.
4 power-saving, low power consumption (some items available battery supply).
5 according to customer requirements can be cut into various shapes.
6 soft rays light can be bent into various shapes.
7 not space, easy to install, saving the project cost.

Product Use:

1 LCD backlight:

Used in a variety of calculators, notebook computers, handheld computers, telephones, remote control, electronic diaries, electronic dictionaries, audio equipment, fax machines, copiers, cash registers, electronic scales, appliances, instruments and other keys.

(2) automobile industry:

Instrument panel, interior lighting, plant warning lights, decorated vehicles, license plate number, the third brake, lights, lighting and so on.

3 nameplate:

Warning signs, road signs, numbers, entrance signs, traffic signs, construction signs.

4 Architecture and Interior Design:

Elevator floor marking, warning label escape stairs, light switch display, decorative wall lights, table lamps and other design, Night .... and so on.

5 military and aerospace applications:

Because of its light, thin, earthquake, impact resistance, low power consumption, cold and other features, it can be used for military map light, planes, tanks, submarines and other instrumentation, interior lighting, marking the helicopter landing at night, authentic military auxiliary light source, air command post lighting, night drop goal, identify the direction of military night-lighting; space of a variety of industrial label uses.

6 ad:

Bus, rail cars on the advertising, indoor and outdoor advertising light box, desktop advertising and holders, restaurant menu design, light pectoral, military and police command staff safety labeling strap, political election propaganda.

7 gifts and toys:

Religious statues, light frame, Christmas lights, gifts, toys, gifts.
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