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Photonic crystal color changing material

Photonic crystal color changing material

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Principle: Photonic crystal discoloration or chromogenic material is a structural color material produced

by the periodic arrangement of colloidal microspheres or sheets of a certain size.

The color development of photonic crystal color/color-changing materials is mainly due to the multiple

optical effects of the periodic arrangement of visible light reflection, refraction and diffraction. The color

change is mainly due to the change of the periodic arrangement structure, realizing the visible light region.

Color and discoloration of the color system.


Uses: Visualize mechanical sensors, visual biomedical sensors, anti-counterfeiting, hidden QR codes, etc.


Particle size: 100 - 300 nm, Color: visible light full color


Ingredients: silica, polystyrene, etc.


Auxiliary materials: polyurethane, PDMS, polylactic acid and other film-forming fiber-forming polymers, PNIPAM, polyacrylamide and other functional gel polymers


Minimum package 10g (colors can be selected and combined)

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