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Graphene Flexible Electro Heating Film
Graphene Flexible Electro Heating Film

Graphene Flexible Electro Heating Film

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1.Film Structure: Graphene film is composed of organic carrier and graphene composite multicomponent film.It is encapsulated with high temperature resistant polyurethane film.
2.Film Size: The thickness of graphene film is adjustable between 5-30 祄.The encapsulation thickness is 0.1 mm.The area is less than 0.5 square meters and square can be customized.
3.Mechanical Strength: Good flexibility.It can be bent, fold, cut and spliced at will.

Excellent Curved Surface Adaptability: It can be attached on the surface of  complex mechanical. The breaking strength is above 100MPa.

4.Water Resistance: Graphene film is hydrophobic and waterproof after encapsulated.
5.Conductivity: Low Conductivity: 10 S/cm. High Conductivity: 2102 S/cm.

Ultra-high conductivity needs to be specially customized by graphitization, but its mechanical properties will decrease.

6.Thermal Conductivity:10-103 W/mK.

7.Heating Module: Temperature and power can be adjusted by voltage, which can be customized according to demand.

3.7V,calorific stability temperature is 38癈

5.0V,calorific stability temperature is 45癈

8.0V,calorific stability temperature is 70癈

12.0V,calorific stability temperature is 100癈

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