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EL flashing car sticker
EL flashing car sticker

EL car
Traditional automotive instrument lighting is the use of ordinary light bulb to the instrument panel through multiple reflections, the light loss, and light and uneven. Especially the small light bulb is easy to damage, requires frequent
Replacement, a lot of trouble; both villain, and money. No need to replace the cold light meter (cold instrument design life, traveling by night display of 100 million km). Especially Luminometer
Scientific use of the table it is ergonomic, designed in accordance with principles of human vision into the light blue, light green, not fatigue the eye for a long time watching. Luminescence brightness and color instrument can root
It is free to adjust to different personal preferences, to more fully meet the driver's desires. In short, the auto installation of cold instruments, is the people, is the inevitable trend of development of automobile industry
The situation
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