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technology transfer and service

Friendly reminder: our EL Panel technology is not in any region set up training institutions, if found to pretend to be our factory, or to our factory cold light film technology name change
Confusing customers, can contact with our factory, obtain the latest information, to distinguish true and false.
Cold light often bright signboard
Flashing effect after power on
Thickness of traditional ultra thin light box
Cold light film thickness is easy to bend, easy to paste
Dubai customers study seriously in our factory
Dubai students are very satisfied with our study
Cold light technology makes luminous characters. The products are light, light and easy to paste
Cold light film applied in Taiwan Kaohsiung Film Festival stage
First, cold light explanation
Cold light film: through the screen printing technology, several kinds of materials are printed on the PET transparent diaphragm, a kind of ultra-thin light box film, the thickness of 0.3 millimeters, can be divided
A new light box slice with flashing light. This product can be widely used in various industries because of its advantages such as flat luminescence, bending light, low power consumption, high visibility and long service life.
Two. Application range of cold light film:
County Party Secretary inspects our factory product
Dubai students take a group photo in the factory
French students study in factory
Chilean students take a group photo at the factory
1, commercial advertising
Light can be used for indoor and outdoor advertising, advertising, car ads, airport advertising, subway advertising, advertising light boxes, advertising gifts and other commercial advertising, not only to avoid the traditional light in the form of a single picture, can not beat shortcomings, but also can produce obvious advertising effect.
(click to see the big picture)
Cold light film used in large bus platform advertisement
2, signs industry
Traffic signs, bus signs, street cards, house numbers, vehicle and Vessel Plates, warning signs, safety exit cards, etc.. (click to see the big picture)
3, LCD backlight
It can be used directly in the backlight of liquid crystal display, in order to make the graphics and text of LCD display more clear than the background light without the illumination of the light source. Such as a variety of computers, PDAs, laptops, mobile phone screens, electronic scales, pagers, video phones, automotive instruments, film switches, etc.. (click to see the big picture)
4, the decoration of craft gifts
The night vision watches and clocks, Christmas ornaments, photo frames, decorative gifts, badges, toys, light. (click to see the big picture)
Three, the characteristics of cold light film
1, can be customized according to customer requirements, as long as guests tell us where the picture needs to shine, how flashing. It can be made in accordance with the requirements of the guests.
2, to break the traditional technology, ultra-thin light flashing, can't bend effect, the product does not need any light bulb as a light source, light flashing completely has its own printing made out of fix.
Ultra thin flashing light emitting products.
Four, technology transfer and service mode:
1: factory is now promoting the cold light film technology: technical learning cost: 4600 yuan
2: factory provides detailed technical formula, production process, production methods and a full set of technical information
3: professional and technical personnel to explain and demonstrate, the students operate themselves, to ensure that the Institute, to ensure that students produce their own fully qualified products
4: provides long term technical consultation for trainees
Ultra thin bending demonstration
Our factory to undertake domestic and foreign ultra large cold light film production
Cold light film video connection

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