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EL cold light film
Brief introduction of EL cold light film
EL cold light display technology called electroluminescence technology is a new technology that converts electrical energy into light energy, involving the combined product solid state chemistry, material science, microelectronics, optoelectronics and ion sputtering science and polymer chemistry disciplines like the film. Through the electric energy to stimulate a variety of materials between the thin film to produce power, because it will not heat, so commonly known as "cold light", referred to as EL, "Electro Luminescent" (electroluminescence). The light emitting film produced by this technique is also called cold light film".
The working principle of the luminescent piece: the luminescent material placed in the two plate between the electrodes, a sandwich structure, on one each electrode, the electrodes for transparent conductive film (ITO film), light emitted from surface, the back electrode to electrode, when the AC voltage is applied to the two electrodes, the electric field light particle excitation transitions have, resulting in each charge discharge cycle of light, when it contains different activator, can emit light of different colors. The brightness of EL varies with the change of voltage and frequency between electrodes, and in general, the brightness increases with the increase of voltage and frequency.
With the development of technology and technology, cold light technology has been widely used in various flat light sources. First, it was used as instrument display and channel lighting on the U.S. Navy submarine, and then gradually applied to the air force fighter instrument. At present, combined with chip control technology, the new high-tech film luminescence technology not only high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection and has high brightness and flickering characteristics in developed countries has been widely used. For example: bright and vibrant commercial advertising, clear, eye-catching, traffic building logo, soft, stable instrument backlight, beautiful, environmentally friendly building decoration, colorful, vibrant cultural and recreational activities and so on. At present, high brightness and large scale are the development trend, and the core lies in the high performance of the driver.
Characteristics and advantages of EL cold light film products
1. shape arbitrary - according to user needs to produce a variety of shapes
2. ultra thin - thinnest up to 0.18mm
3. it can bend and bend, that is, it can adapt to different shapes and curl. It is easy to carry and install
4., no heat - electroluminescent film is a cold light source, basically no temperature rise when working, the working temperature is lower than the fluorescent lamp
5., the seismic resistance is good - electroluminescent film is different from other light-emitting devices, it is not easy to encounter the impact of the external failure
6. controllable dynamic picture, arbitrary flicker design, full color display, beautiful and eye-catching
7. strong penetration, high visibility at night or under delay
8., a wide range of vision, not limited by visual angle, surface luminous uniform, close to the screen delicate
9., once molding, compared with LED has superior stability, low maintenance cost
10., both energy production can also tailor-made, to adapt to different needs
Science and Technology Museum, ranui EL cold light tablets, long-term supply of a higher level of security, airport, subway Museum for photoelectric integrated project and high-end advertising display, therefore has the advantages of reliable protection in security, since the operation never fail safe. In addition, long-term customers for the world stronger firms, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lancome, CLARINS, L'OCCITANE, and tobacco, HeineKen, kylin, Asahi, Budweiser and so on, so the accumulation of a large number of brands in the design and implementation of the product experience, and products have been certified by international CE, UL, PSE, ROSE, quality first-class
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