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Electroluminescent Paint Spray Technology and Materials

Electroluminescent Paint Spray Technology and Materials

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Outdoor Special EL Panel
1. Brief Introduction   Can master in 1 hour with  spray basic conditions.

Features: Through simple and quick spraying process, it can light on the surface of the object at night.
Brightness: Brightness is 2-3 times longer than that of long afterglow fluorescent materials.
Applicable surface: Wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone, paper, cloth and so on.
Using Conditions: Indoor and outdoor
Brightness:   5-20Cd/?
Power Conditions: DC3V, DC12V, AC220V, etc.
Color: It can achieve multicolor, but ice blue is the best.
Flash: Circuit controls neon flashing.
Production Investment: Minimum USD100.
Sample Making: Maximum USD500.


2. Application

      Car decoration,  Advertisement neon,   Safety sign,  Furniture decoration      , Building light


3.  Making Raw Materials and Tools

KPT SH Series Materials(Sample USD500/set    0.3-0.5?):Copper Ink,  Protecting Paint, Lighting Paint, Insulting Paint, Transparent Conductive Paint
Tools(USD100-300):  Hair Drier, spray gun, multimeter,UV lamp, inverter, conductive xopper tape, insulting tape, knife,filters, sandpaper and etc.


4. Technology Introduction    (Finsh in half an hour fastest )

Spray 4-6 times ? Hot air dry  (60 ?,2-5 minutes)? Stick electrode ? Connect to power supply  
Pattern formation: Colorful images, stereotyped aerial drawings, pattern sheltering spray, color pen drawing, etc.




Video files and technical advice can be obtained free of charge from the Sales Department of KPT company!

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