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Longshow electronic components
Longshow electronic components Co., Ltd. established Fengxian District, Shanghai in July 2000. It is mainly specialized in the development, design and production of film switch and color film panel series, EL cold light sheet and El driver series, LED backlight sheet series. At present, our company has developed EL cold light instrument panel, interior low light illumination, door warning light, luminous license plate, luminous foot pedal, third brake light, body lighting, triangle emergency stop sign, door line, taxi operation sign, empty light, bus luminous line sign and other products for automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles; PDA, mobile phones, telephones, electricity Electronic products such as LCD / LCM of various instruments and communication equipment, El and LED backlight (backlight, backlight) of liquid crystal (LCD / LCM), products used for all kinds of ultra-thin light boxes, flashing advertisements, toy gifts, luminous clocks and meters, products used for all kinds of ultra-thin emergency lighting, induction lights, luminous indicator signs, El night lights, decorative lights and other products. We believe that excellent product quality, very competitive price, fast delivery cycle and thoughtful service will win your long-term cooperation! (Note: the specific price depends on the purchase quantity. Comprehensive purchase or large quantity can be supplied at special price.) Welcome to inquire and negotiate!
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