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EL luminous powder

Inorganic powder electroluminescent (EL) material is a kind of inorganic powder light-emitting material which can directly convert electric energy into light energy. Its light-emitting color mainly includes blue, green, orange and the transition color of the above-mentioned color. KPT brand EL materials can be widely used in El glass screen, El enamel screen, El plastic screen, El wire and other AC and DC electroluminescent devices. At present, the screen making process of EL devices is mainly screen printing or spraying, so the EL luminous powder produced by our company is divided into three types:

Class B: the average particle size is 29 m, characterized by high brightness and high temperature resistance, suitable for plastic screen and enamel screen;

Class s: the average particle size is 9 m, characterized by high brightness, uniform and fine light, suitable for glass and plastic screen;

Class C: the average particle size is 28 m, characterized by coating treatment on the particle surface, good moisture resistance, long service life, high brightness, no need to package, suitable for plastic screen;


2? Special materials for El production


It is mainly used for screen printing and making El luminescent film.

El luminescent materials are commonly used in 5 models (large particles, small particles, blue-green, white, etc.)

El dielectric material: one type commonly used (white, 3-5 m particles, high dielectric constant)

Two types of El high brightness glue (Pb, ab)

Three types of ITO film are commonly used (thickness 0.175mm-0.025mm)

One type of El conductive silver paste is commonly used (for conductive layer and back electrode)

Three types of El control driver are commonly used (dc3v, DC12V, AC220V, etc.)

5 kinds of El production equipment (screen printing, drying, UV machine, etc.)


3? Supporting materials and use consultation

The special auxiliary materials for manufacturing electroluminescent devices developed by Keyan optoelectronics can be used in combination with all kinds of El luminescent materials, which are fully applicable to the implementation of screen printing and spraying process for El glass screen, enamel screen, plastic screen, silk thread and other device products. And can provide EL device production process consulting services

The EL devices made of this auxiliary material have the following indexes: voltage 40v-400v, frequency 50hz-4khz, temperature - 40 - + 60 ?, current 0.02-0.2ma/cm2, capacitance 0.2-0.7nf/cm2, power consumption 2-7mw/cm2, humidity 0% - 90%, average service life 8000 hours, brightness 70-100cd / m2.




Highlight AB component glue

Printing light-emitting layer medium layer

Mixed with medium powder, mixed with luminous powder, strong adhesion

Dry at 110 ? for 1 hour

Medium powder

Printing media layer

High reflectivity, high dielectric constant


Add to a and B component slurry

Plasticizing and curing

Diluent, cleaning agent

Adjust viscosity, cleaning tools

Dilution and cleaning

ITO membrane

Plastic transparent conductive film

Transparent and soft

Conductive silver paste

Printed back electrode

Good conductivity

Insulating coatings

Protective back electrode

Easy to use

EL luminous powder



El highlight glue


Medium powder

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