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GIF dynamic effect picture

This series of products are customized, customers need to provide printed version or GIF dynamic effect picture.


This product is based on the principle of inorganic powder AC electroluminescence (EL) technology, and through the circuit to achieve color dynamic pattern and text display.

Application fields: advertisement, automobile, clothing, instrument, decoration, etc

The existing product forms are: ultra thin flexible plastic el, plane glass el, enamel el, long life outdoor plastic el.

Thickness: 0.2-0.5mm, pet plastic film

Flexibility: 360 degree bending,

Weight: 250 g / m2

Dynamic: Neon flashing


1) Type: light emitting chip, cutting light-emitting chip, luminous strip, and equipped with driver and power cord.

2) Original color: cold white, turquoise, other colors: changed by later surface

3) Specifications and technical parameters


Name, specification number, feature, appearance, size and area

LED backlight a0-a8 can be cut according to the design with the maximum area of A0

The maximum length and width of the luminous strip t1-t10 are 100 meters and 0.5 meters respectively

Dynamic advertising film n0-n10 dynamic pattern customization

The maximum splicing area is 30x20m


Customized products


Implement as required



Implement as required

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