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light-emitting bar

Many friends are more interested in the installation of the welcome pedal light-emitting strip. Today, Suzhou Jieming optoelectronic has a brief talk about how to install the light-emitting bar of the welcome pedal.

The electric wire of the welcome pedal is a whole wire. The principle is that four LED lights are connected in parallel, and the power is connected to the reading lamp in the middle of the roof, because the reading lamp on the roof can light up when the door is opened, so the wiring is more convenient.



Wiring method: the power line is connected to the reading lamp. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the LED lamp. If it is reversed, it will not light up. Remove the screw of the safety belt above the driver's side and remove the decorative cover of the safety belt, so that the power line can be wired from the reading light on the roof to the position of the welcome pedal.

1. Install the driver's seat first.

2. Install the left rear door.

3. Lift up and remove the sponge of the rear seat, put the power cord from the left rear door to the right rear door, and install the pedal of the right rear door.

4. Finally, install the front passenger pedal.

We will introduce how to install the light-emitting bar of welcome pedal today. If you want to know more, please pay attention to the luminous bar of welcome pedal - Suzhou Jieming Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of various high brightness cold light films, EL cold light advertising films, welcome pedal luminous strips, cold light lines, El backlight source and other products, In the field of EL cold light film production has been in a leading position. Ms. Zhang: 18020265771.


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