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Q & A of L cold light film technology

Q & A of L cold light film technology


Classification: electroluminescent chip

50. What is the size of EL phosphor?

The size of a single EL light-emitting chip depends on the screen printing machine. The maximum single-chip size of KPT company is 80 * 160cm.

El chips can be spliced with each other, so their area can be more than 10 square meters.


51. How many colors are there in El?

El luminescent self color is common: green, blue-green. White light can be achieved by adding dyes and pigments. Other colors are printed on the outer surface of the luminescent sheet or transformed by the color of the lamp.


52. Can EL film be used outdoors?

Users are not recommended to use outdoors, especially for a long time. Its color will change and its service life will be greatly shortened.


53. The reason why the luminescent brightness of El chip decreases?

The main reason for the decrease of luminescent brightness is the aging of luminescent materials caused by moisture (water molecules) in the air.


54. Characteristics of El after aging?

When it is not luminous, the surface turns grey or black, and when it is luminous, there are black spots (blocks).


55. Is El aging when it is not luminous?

When el is not working, it will not produce aging, including El chip, El wire and other devices.


56. EL light emitting electron detection standard?

International and domestic organizations have stipulated the El test standard AC115V, 400Hz.


57. Will El's cold light luminescence suddenly turn off when its service life reaches?

When el is aged, the brightness will gradually fade, and it will not suddenly go off.


58. EL cold luminescence life index?

El life is divided into half life and full life.


59. Half life?

The time when the initial brightness decreases by half is half life. It's usually 3000 hours. The whole life span is about 8000 hours.


60. EL cold light emitting chip flashing control?

El flash control is completed by the chip in the driver, and its control time and multi-channel and multi segment are also determined by the circuit chip.


61. Drive supply voltage?

Large area and large size can be completed by DC12V plus transformer. Clothing can be dc3v, 4.5V, etc


62. Can I cut it?

It can be cut and cut within the design scope, but can not understand "random".


63. El luminescent thickness?

After sealing the protective film, the thickness is less than 0.5mm


64. Can EL cold light emission be used with AC220V / 110V?

The specially processed El chip can be directly used under AC220V / 110V (mains power).


65. How many colors of phosphors are used in EL cold luminescence?

El luminescent materials are red (toxic), orange (relatively low brightness), blue (short life) and green. Green and blue-green are often used.


66. What is the power of EL cold light emitting chip?

The production of different materials and factories is different. But it is usually less than 60W / m2.


67. How bright is EL cold luminescence?

Generally, El emits 70-90 CD / m2 at standard test conditions of 115V and 400Hz.


68. Is El very bright?

If the brightness is higher than 100 CD / m2, the service life will be greatly reduced.


69. Why does El have a long production time?

El manufacturing mostly uses screen printing technology, pattern plate making takes time. Generally, proofing takes 7 working days.


70. Why is the price of El luminescent chip sample very expensive?

Screen printing technology and pattern plate making need to consume a lot of materials, only the cost of mass production can be reduced.


71. The difference between fluorescence phosphorescence luminescence?

Now, in terms of luminescence physics, the meaning is basically the same. The differences in the original definition are: 1) luminescence: the literal meaning is more extensive, generally refers to all bright phenomena; 2) fluorescence: mostly refers to the luminescence caused by specific materials themselves; 3) phosphorescence: the phenomenon of materials with longer luminescence time. They can also be classified: photoluminescence, electroluminescence, chemiluminescence, X-ray luminescence, etc.


72. What is tricolor phosphor?

Red, blue and green phosphors are simply called trichromatic powder. It can be light-emitting materials for lamps, display luminous materials, etc. The main goal is to achieve white light emission.


73. Does El emit ultraviolet light? Classification of UV luminescent materials?

Most luminescent materials emit light under ultraviolet light. It is the basic point of photoluminescence materials, including organic / inorganic, long wave / short wave, etc.


74. How many forms of El luminescent chip are there?

There are four kinds: El plastic sheet screen, El enamel screen, El glass screen, EL luminous cloth.


75. Can EL cold light change patterns like TV?

In theory, it can realize matrix display and text pattern display, and image display can be realized by controlling brightness of circuit. At present, only KPT lighting is in production internationally.


76. Can EL cold light white glow as white as paper?

El white luminescence is realized by dyes, and the color will be affected by the difference of dye temperature and diluent ratio.


77. Can EL cold film be bent?

It can be complete, but only arc bending.


78. Can EL cold light film be connected by itself?

It is not allowed to connect and modify the controller by yourself.

79. Can EL cold light film be repaired by itself?

may not.


80. How to calculate the price of El tablets?

The price of El is calculated in square centimeter. Whether the drive is included needs to be determined separately.


81. Can El have brightness change?

Ordinary El cannot achieve brightness change.


82. How many types of El drives are there?

El drivers can be divided into general class and special class (special class). The general class is suitable for testing or experimental use.


83. The main corresponding index between El driver and luminous chip?

Driving area and flashing state (multi-channel and time), each type of luminous chip shall be equipped with special driver.


84. Visible distance of EL phosphor

0.1 M2 night sight distance

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