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How many forms of EL drive

85. How many forms of EL drive are there?

There are three main types: 1) transformer drive (commonly used, large area, mainly used in advertising); 2) chip drive (small driving area, mainly used in electronic supporting products); 3) no drive (not commonly used, low brightness, mainly used in simple dark lighting.


86. Data to be provided before customized El chip processing?

Size, pattern, flash time (GIF file or Flash), voltage used by controller and wire length.


Can El 87 use cold film?

The normal EL device will not heat up, but it will heat when the driver does not match the LED. Long time use will damage the driver or light-emitting devices, and even cause combustion.


88. Will the EL device work with sound?

Most EL devices have sound when they work, except for chip driver.


89. Why does El advertising film gradually change color?

El backlight is mainly produced in white, white is color matching with fluorescent dyes, fluorescent dyes will fade gradually in a certain time or under ultraviolet light.


90. Types of electroluminescence?

Organic light emitting devices (macromolecules / small molecules), inorganic thin film devices, inorganic thick film devices, inorganic powder devices (this product)


91. What are the voltage types of electroluminescent devices?

High field voltage device (this product), low field voltage device (LED, OEL).


92. What are the determinants of the softness of plastic El sheets?

The softness depends on the thickness of PET film, which will be very soft when it is less than 0.1 mm.


93. Can clothes be used?

Clothing can be used, but El piece can not be washed.


94. What is El's brightest color?

Turquoise or green


95. Can EL devices have color change effect

The EL device is controlled by the process, and the outer surface is covered, which can change color visually.


96. What is the principle of EL device flashing light to form fine water effect?

Through fine line printing and circuit control one by one


97. Can EL devices be used

Small area El chip, button battery can be used.


98. How to improve the brightness of EL phosphor?

The brightness can be improved by increasing the voltage and frequency, but the brightness can be more than 150 CD / m2 in limited degree.


99. Are El chips subject to international patent restrictions?

There are no international patent restrictions on the devices, but the long-life EL materials are limited. China KPT company has its own patents.


100. How long has KPT worked in El?

KPT, formerly known as the electroluminescence Laboratory of Changchun Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been researching devices, materials, drivers, ITO preparation technologies since 1960

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