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EL luminous car stickers

EL luminous car stickers


Classification: electroluminescent chip

1? Product introduction

The upgraded El ultra-thin flexible light-emitting car stickers are mainly used for personalized decoration and atmosphere decoration of the rear windshield or body. It can be customized by drawing.

2? Product pictures




3? Technical parameters

Item parameter

1. Appearance size: 70 * 14cm / customized

2. Input DC12V, and take power from cigarette lighter

3. Output: 80 ~ 120V, 800 ~ 1200Hz

4. Color: blue, red / custom

5. Input line length (red and black line) 0m (constant light type)

0.42m (flash)

6. Output line length: 2m (constant lighting)

0.48M (flash)

7. Lead wire: 0.55M

8. Weight: 105g (regular)

140g (flash)

4? Precautions

The luminous part can not be folded and punctured, but can be bent in an arc. It is normal for fluorescent color to fade under long-term exposure to sunlight. Circuit connection sequence: luminous sticker + drive + power on. If you need help, please contact us in time.

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