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Halloween Gifts

Sent to parents / elders, to send their children / baby, to send his girlfriend / wife, sending her boyfriend / husband, to send to friends, send colleagues to send customers to send leaders, to send students to send mentor, sending foreigners, sent his brother / brother, sister, send / sister other

 Halloween promotional gifts, a refrigerator, a badge-type, etc.

  EL sheet other applications:

    Light clothing (EL Music T-shirts, voice-activated T-shirt, dynamic T-shirt, DJT-shirt), hat, shoelaces, light holiday gifts, electronic gifts, badges, night light; Christmas lights, lighting the Spring Festival, gifts, toys, light pectoral, hat decoration, souvenirs, photographs; car dashboard, logo, pedal cars, car interiors, car signs, car stickers, dynamic body advertising, dynamic cartoon icons; indoor and outdoor advertising, advertising light boxes, bus , train cars inside and outside advertising (signage), auto body thin advertising, desktop advertising lamp, advertising trays, exhibition hall, windows, concession counters brand print ads; and bars, dance halls, Disco, coffee shop, hair salons, restaurants and other public entertainment, business premises for product promotion and application of light clothing so you can get unexpected results.

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