Analysis of the use environment of cold light sheet

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Analysis of the use environment of cold light sheet


EL cold light sheet is a new type of electronic cold light sheet in the field of lighting. Its outer layer is wrapped with transparent color PVC fluorescent tube. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertisements, various vehicle decorations, safety signs, toys, handicrafts, gift decorations, etc. For the use environment of cold light film, it mainly includes two aspects: indoor and outdoor

In the indoor environment, because the complexity of the environment is relatively simple, such as temperature, humidity, UV radiation are relatively stable, so the impact on the cold light line is relatively small. The following is mainly for the outdoor environment

Outside, first of all, the temperature. Due to different regions, seasons, even the same season, the morning, middle and evening of the same day are very different. Take Beijing, the capital of our country, as an example, the lowest temperature can be - 23 in winter night, and the highest temperature can be 42 in summer. Such a temperature is a great challenge to the normal and stable operation of electronic products for a long time. But for the cold light sheet, obviously, it is far beyond its reasonable range. Therefore, if the EL cold light sheet is placed in such a harsh environment, the life of the cold light sheet will be greatly shortened.

Another factor is humidity. Because the outer layer of the cold light sheet is wrapped by a transparent PVC fluorescent tube, which can be well isolated from the outside world, the effect of humidity on the cold light sheet is not significant. The only thing we need to pay attention to is the connection of the cold light sheet. We should do a good job in waterproof treatment.

The third factor is UV, which can not only fade the color PVC fluorescent tube, but also affect the luminescent layer of the cold light sheet, reduce the luminescent efficiency of the luminescent powder and shorten the luminescent life of the luminescent powder. Therefore, if the ultraviolet intensity is higher than level 3 for a long time, the life of the cold light sheet will also be greatly affected

Of course, in the outdoor, not only these three factors have an impact on the service life of EL cold light film, but also many other factors affect its normal operation, such as wind and frost, snowfall, hail, dust pollution and so on. Therefore, when choosing the cold light sheet for outdoor application, please consider the above factors comprehensively before making a decision. Or if you have other technical questions, you can also consult with the sales or technical personnel of Beijing Desa.

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