EL (electric luminescent) is a kind of physical phenomenon that the electric field excites the luminescence of fluorescent materials by the AC voltage applied to the electrodes at both ends. The light source which combines a variety of substances to produce different colors has the characteristics of low power consumption, soft light, no UV, various colors, long life, no heat, etc, It is a kind of low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection real plane light-emitting body, so it is commonly known as cold light source, which is different from the traditional point or line light-emitting mechanism, but a uniform and integral surface light-emitting body, and also a light source that can not cause dazzling to the vision, has no harm and is elastic and can be made into any complex shape pattern.

Through years of production practice, research and development, relying on various technologies and patents independently developed and owned intellectual property rights, we are specialized in the production of ultra-thin EL cold light products, which are characterized by high brightness, light sharing and energy saving. Ultra thin high brightness refers to high brightness of light source under the same power condition; Uniform light refers to the uniform light on the light emitting surface; energy saving refers to the use of less light sources than traditional light boxes, saving more than 70% power. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, easy to change pictures, lightweight, and produces electroluminescent products with large single-chip area, high luminescent brightness, complete color categories, long product life and wide application range.


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