Suzhou Long-Show Photoelectric Technology Inc. is located on Changshu Economic Development Zone (CEDZ) (http://www.cedz.org/templates/en/), Jiangsu Province, China. Registered capital of 10 million RMB, our company designs, manufactures and delivers innovative, EL(Electro Luminescence) light source products for all kinds of applications, such as such as EL light box, EL display screen, glow/flashing t shirt, EL panel, el backlight, car sticker, flexible display car neon light, El wire, El T-shirt, EL badge, flashing hat, EL light advertising ...etc) . Our company adheres to quality, customer, honesty, innovation, professional philosophy. Company insists on market-oriented, constantly enriched and improved the company's flexible EL products, trying to create a safe, high quality, efficient, environment friendly, beautiful, easy to use flexible Electroluminescence products to serve customers around the world.
 Our Electroluminescence sheets (the first generation of flexible display products) are light, ultra thin, energy saving, impact resistance, flexible, easy to cut, beautiful and artistic. The product is suitable for advertising, clothing and footwear, interior decoration and outdoor decoration, backlight, photography, automotive, toys, gifts, bags and accessories, furniture, public facilities and other areas, etc. EL product is ultra-thin and flat with light weight, low energy consumption, long lifetime and excellent flexibility (bending radius of 5mm);It is plane glowing, softly, evenly and stably without angle constraints, vibration, fever or any harmful rays.
   We mainly produce EL poster, EL backlight, EL car sticker ,EL T shirt ,EL caps ,EL traffic signs, EL gifts, etc?-
    Long-Show photoelectric colleagues sincerely welcome all friends to come to discuss cooperation to create a better future!
   Our products have been well sold to many countries and regions all over the world, such as the USA, West Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Israel. The product range includes: EL drive, luminescence band, backlight, light commercials (light posters), luminous signs, El circuit, EL PCB, light-emitting T-shirts, hats and light-emitting light-emitting logo, class products. EL sheet, EL commercials, will light T-shirt, EL cap, EL cold light, light glasses, EL backlight, LED instrument panel, cold electric neon tube, EL driver, car color stickers, luminous gift, cold neon, field-induced hair light, electroluminescent films, EL panels, backlit film EL advertisement, EL materials, El production equipment, EL technology advice and training service, EL tap, El Lamp, EL post, El wire, EL T-Shirt, EL light manual, Music Manuaetc.
   At the same time, we also provide EL panel technology training, EL technology advice and training service, El panel manufacture machines, El equipment and El raw materials such as Electroluminescent Phosphor, El Glue, ITO film, EL powder, UV Oil, Ag ink, silver ink, Barium Powder,Double sided Tape, laminating Film, FPC, etc. 

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